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"Get ready to catch me,"

Catch me catch me catch me - ow.

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prepare yourselves for total fucking cuteness

this is so cute you will not be disappointed oh my god i’m crying

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Ralph Wiggum

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Love the end of this clip! (Star Trek: Voyager, Series 6, Episode 16 - Collective)

Chakotay: *What’s Tom looking at? Oh, it’s a Borg cube… BORG CUBE!!!*

"I said hop in!”

B’Elanna: ‘How the hell do you know when we’re having intimate relations?!’

Seven: ‘There is no one on deck 9, section 12, that doesn’t know when you’re having intimate relations.’

Star Trek: Voyager, Series 5, Episode 22 (Someone to Watch Over Me)

Channel 4 knows how to make weird and wonderful adverts…

This is the advert for the upcoming series Mating Season.

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Frank Turner - The Road

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Himmel Auf, Silbermond

'Was ist Glück?' (What is happiness?)

For the music video to Silbermond’s Himmel Auf the director went around Germany asking people the question ‘Was ist Glück?’, which translates into English as somewhere between ‘What is happiness?’ and ‘What is fortune?’ The music video shows just a few of the hundreds of answers they captured. How would you respond? What is happiness?

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Frank Turner - Thatcher Fucked the Kids